AV Live User Guide

Here are some user guidelines to help you with creating an Apprenticeships vacancies feed for your website.

Basic options

1. Choose sector (if any)
If you left blank, it will display all sectors.

2. Choose role (if any) to filter
You can select multiple roles using Ctrl+click. If left blank, it will display all roles.

3. Choose county (if any) to filter
Select multiple counties using Ctrl+click. If left blank, it will display all counties.

4. After selecting a county, you will get the option to filter by town. Select multiple towns using Ctrl+click. If left blank, it will display all towns in the selected counties.

5. Choose how many vacancies you want to show in your feed

6. Choose what type of vacancy to display

7. Choose the width you would like your widget to be from the dropdown

8. Choose the height you would like your widget to be from the options in the dropdown (N.B. You will be able to scroll within the frame of the final widget to see more results)

9. Choose which colour scheme you would like for your widget display.

10. Select whether to show the widget as a text-only list, as a map or as both.

11. Fill in the Captcha.

12. Click 'Generate code'. A preview of your widget will appear to the right. To alter your widget, go back to the options list, make your changes then regenerate the code. Copy and paste the code into your page template or widget area.

13. Once you are happy with your widget, copy the generated code and paste into your page or widget area.

Diagram of Basic Options

Useful tips

There are many ways in which you can tailor the apprenticeships appearing in your custom feed, including the Advanced Options below.

  • Not all fields are mandatory
  • Filtering too heavily may restrict the number of results in your feed
  • Av Live will automatically update but if you change your vacancy requirements or aren't getting enough results, it's recommended to refresh your search terms so your feed shows the most accurate and up to date vacancies.

Advanced options

14. Click the + symbol beneath the style option to expand the Advanced Settings menu

15. Filtering by Learning Provider can allow you to display only vacancies that are linked to a particular college or agency. Start typing the name of the college or other provider in the 'learning provider' field, to find a particular provider. (N.B. This will display all vacancies by the selected provider)

16, 17 & 18. There are 3 optional fields available to you, allowing you to further customise your feed and display additional information. Options available are:

  1. Possible Start Date
  2. Wage Type
  3. Wage (amount)
  4. Working Week
  5. Employer Name
Diagram of Advanced Options

Other Information

Vacancy data is refreshed every 24 hours.

The widget code includes the phrase "Your browser does not support iframes". This is not an error within the widget but a message to display instead of the widget should anyone visit your website via an old browser.

Developers: Creating your own feed

AV Live uses the National Apprenticeships Service Web Service interfaces. If you would like to query the vacancy data directly and create your own feed, you can do so by registering for the web service here:

Design & Display

There are some useful options to make sure this widget suits the look and feel of your own website. You can change the size of the display area and choose a colour scheme to suit your website.

Colour schemes available are: Monochrome, Light, Dark and Yellow.

Below are examples of the four potential display options: A text only list, a map, a map and list in single column and for widgets 450px wide and up, a map and text in two columns. Apprenticeships are flagged in red and Traineeships in blue.

Diagram showing Widget Examples

If you have any problems using the Widget Creation Tool, please contact the Apprenticeships helpdesk at nationalhelpdesk@apprenticeships.gov.uk